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Celebrating Diversity


Diversity is important. Imagine a world without diversity; it would be dull, colorless – lifeless. The same goes for our meadows: biological diversity is what makes our landscape so vibrant. It’s an appealing environment for plants, animals and humans alike! In 2018, when Leeuwarden-Fryslân is the Cultural Capital of Europe, we will celebrate that diversity. We invite you to join us for the ride that leads up to this international event, and be a part of its impact on the future.  

Celebrate diversity.
celebrate life!

We will join in celebration with other initiatives and projects that are also inspired by the relationship between biological and cultural diversity. Each project will focus on a different subject. For instance, while King of the Meadows is concerned with the biodiversity of our meadows, the Silence of the Bees project revolves around bees and their natural habitat. The wide array of projects will demonstrate the depth of European biocultural.

Anyone who sees the beauty, the influence and the meaning,
will understand why

Why celebrate biodiversity when it is rapidly disappearing? Because we believe in a positive approach. And because every step towards a more bio- and cultural diverse world is worth celebrating. Anyone who perceives the beauty and significance of diversity will understand both why we celebrate and why we are concerned.

Programme 2018

In 2018 Leeuwarden-Fryslân will be the Cultural Capital of Europe. Celebrating Diversity will reach its peak in 2018. Being a movement with an important cultural position, King of the Meadows will play an important role in CH2018. A lot of hard work is being done on an attractive and meaningful programme. An inspiring programme. One that makes you think and hopefully take action yourself. A programme that will become more visible during the run-up towards 2018. One that will experience a peak in the cultural year along the migration route of the godwit. And it will remain active and inspiring after 2018.

Celebrating Diversity / Fieren fan Ferskaat / Celebrando la Diversidad / Celebrando a Diversidade / Célébrer la Diversité / Vieren van Diversiteit