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Founders and partners


Everyone who has become involved with King of the Meadows remains connected and committed. The founding members of King of the Meadows form an organisation that’s open to new ideas and works per theme. It invites and appeals to people from all different backgrounds to join in. King of the Meadows is a passionate movement with an enormous expertise and meaning. It also is the centre of a network with tremendous brainpower and decisiveness.

Themes and leaders

King of the Meadows is organised into three branches which each address a different theme: inspiration, knowledge and innovation. These branches work together, pooling skill and experience to form a single entity that is greater than the sum of its individual parts. You’ll recognize these three themes in everything we do, both on- and offline. Want to join in? Please contact the leader listed below for the theme which sparks your interest.


Sytze Pruiksma, composer
Cultural Activities
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Jan-Willem van Kruyssen, producer
Cultural Activities producer Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018
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Team members: Gerk Koopmans, Jan Kleefstra and others.

Knowledge and science

Theunis Piersma, professor of Animal Ecology
Knowlegde and science programme
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Team members: Jos Hooijmeijer, Mo Verhoeven, Jelle Loonstra, Bastiaan Blaauw, Herman Zeilstra, Nathan Senner, Jose Alves, Jose Masero, Roos Kentie and others.


Klaas Sietse Spoelstra, strategic innovator
Overall ‘captain’ and leader of the innovation programme
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Team members: Yvonne de Beer, Gerda van Eck, Simon Tijsma and others.


Klaas Oevering, farmer
Chairman of Skriezekrite (godwit territory) Idzegea
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Team members: Catharinus Wierda, Sytze Terpstra, Ysbrand Galema, Allard Steenstra and others.


Led by: Hans van der Werf, director Friese Milieu Federatie
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Team members: Desiree Vermeulen (Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein), Pieter van der Werff (Nordwin College), Pyke Kroes, Froukje Hernandt and others.

Civil participation

Led by: Wim Hiemstra, programme manager
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Led by: Kees Terwisscha van Scheltinga
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Team members: Eelco Kersloot, Durk-Pieter Noordenbos, Douwe Huitema and others.


Originally a regional citizens’ initiative, King of the Meadows has become a fast-growing network of collaborators who intend to further expand abroad. Our movement is made up of citizens, farmers, musicians, artists, writers, designers, universities and academies, managers, scientists, nature conservationists, and dairy producers – and our list of partners is always growing. Here are some of the collaborators who support King of the Meadows:

  • Waddenacademie
  • It Fryske Gea
  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  • Natuurmonumenten
  • Bond Friese Vogelwachten (BFVW)
  • Nordwin College
  • Provincie Fryslân
  • Europese Commissie
  • Oxfam Novib
  • Plattelandsprojecten ZW Fryslân
  • Van Hall Larenstein
  • Staatsbosbeheer
  • Consulentschap IVN Fryslân
  • Friese Milieu Federatie
  • Dairy Campus Fryslân
  • Skriezekrite Idzegea
  • Natuurmuseum Fryslân
  • Rabobank Nederland
  • BWH ontwerpers
  • Schrijfburo Terwisscha & Wagenaar
  • Nij sicht, bureau voor strategische vernieuwing
  • Ministerie van Economische Zaken
  • Wereld Natuur Fonds
  • Vogelbescherming Nederland
  • Onderzoeksinstituut LEI
  • Ontwerpbureau Statuur
  • Leeuwarden – Fryslân 2018
  • Grendel Games
  • E.v.a.

You’ll find all our partners in Projects.