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King of the meadow connects


In order to regain a both profitable and natural meadow landscape innovation is necessary in agriculture and food production. Furthermore changes need to be made in society as a whole: economics, landscape ánd education. Wé need to change our behaviour as consumers, citizens and as members of society. To be able to innovate, you need knowledge and inspiration. King of the Meadows offers both to make change possible. The ‘King’ creates a triangle of transformation:

Culture – a source of inspiration
Facts – a solid basis
Innovation – the fruit

King of the Meadows works together with the top scientists in the field of biodiversity. We enrich projects and meetings with for example music or poetry to create a cradle for innovation. We help a growing number of projects, events and programmes and enable them to get started: educational programmes, a citizen-jury, a fantastic meadow bird symphony and a Living Lab where nature-inclusive farming is developed.

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