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Birds, Brass & Dance



Birds, Brass & Dance is a great musical journey that will lead up to the events of Celebrating Diversity, a program of Leeuwarden 2018. Forty musical groups – brass bands and other ensembles – will adopt meadow birds as their muse, inspiring performances full of musical improvisation. Beginning in 2016, this journey will grow larger and larger as it approaches its final destination: a multi-day event to celebrate the send-off of the godwit as it departs to Africa.

Artistic director Sytze Pruiksma is passionate about meadow birds. As a child, his two dreams were to become a musician and a biologist. Now, he is merging the worlds of music and biology through his compositions and improvisations.

To highlight – and to celebrate – biodiversity as an important theme by playing music at special locations. 2016 - 2018 www.sytzepruiksma.com Jan-Willem van Kruyssen Club Guy & Roni, Het Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Friese en Europese Brass- en Fanfarebands, Sytze Pruiksma.