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Civilians jury and manifesto



What do civilians value in their environment? How important is a rich meadow birds landscape to us. Do we want to preserve this landscape? Do we want it to be able to change in order to make nature part of a sustainable and profitable agriculture? And are we willing to sacrifice in order to reach this goal?

King of the Meadows’ civic jury drew an inventory of what civic society wants. The jury, in duty during the ‘civic jury days’, consisted of ten representatives of this civic society. Its members discussed a number of statements. These statements were collected during previous meetings in different regions in Frisia. The jury presented their conclusions in a ‘Civilians’ Manifesto’, which gives direction to the King of the Meadows initiative. The manifesto was officially presented to Johannes Kramer, member of Gedeputeerde Staten (Provincial Executive).

To investigate and interpret the Frisian popular opinion about the importance of preserving a rich meadow birds landscape 2013 - present Wim Hiemstra ETC