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Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018: Celebrating Diversity



Leeuwarden-Friesland will be Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018. The programme, “Celebrating Diversity,” is currently in development. The goal is to promote awareness of biodiversity, and inspire action to maintain and improve it. Since its focus is highlighting the importance of cultural and biological diversity, King of the Meadows will be a substantial project on the programme. The “Celebrating Diversity” program will gain more and more momentum over the next period, and reach its peak in 2018 when celebrating diversity along the migration route of the godwit. But it won’t stop there – we intend this program to continue evolving after 2018 as well.

Meadow Animal and Birds & Brass will be two events on the programme, and new ideas and initiatives are currently being developed. Other possible events include a New Years’ concert in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, an immense godwit exhibition called Grutto XXL, and a European Birds Symphony with traveling festival, intended to visit several European countries. We would also like to publish a picture book for children, and do a collaborative project with scientists and primary school students all along the godwit migration route, from Friesland to Spain. We’re looking forward to telling you more as these events are developed…Stay tuned!

To inspire the public to reconsider the importance of biodiversity and act accordingly. Before, during and after 2018. www.celebratingdiversity.eu John Haitsma Lots of enthusiastic people and organisations involved.