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Meadow Animal



In Spring 2016, students from secondary schools all over the province of Friesland will explore the Frisian meadows, learning about the animals and their habitats. After these excursions, students will create two landscapes: one in which biodiversity continues to decline and another according to their dreams of how the meadows could be. This project aims to make young people aware of the consequences of biodiversity loss. Along with professional designers, technicians and draftsmen, weavers and local entrepreneurs, the pupils will form teams to make a huge “Meadow animal.” Part of their project will be to describe their animal in Frisian, and to discuss subjects like the changing economic importance of the meadows.

In Spring 2017, the winning design will be printed in 3D. After being released in the Frisian meadows, the animal will slowly move around, driven by sustainable energy. The animal will be presented at different locations (University of Groningen, museums, etc). Teams that did not win may still have the chance to print a smaller version of their animal.

To teach students collaboration and design, and to encourage using the Frisian language. In exploring their environment and becoming aware of the consequences of a declining biodiversity, students will discover both sustainable energy and physical craftsmanship. Spring 2016- 2018 Karl van Stiphout Jan-Willem van Kruyssen (producer Celebrating Diversity), Eileen Blackmore (trekker), Energy Now, Marne College, 3 a 4 andere scholen, Wilgentenen (vlechters), incas3 of HiT (sensoren), Energy Academy Europe (energieopwekkers), Frysklab (3D printer en filament van afval van Bolsward), Bleep (laptops 123D, tinkercad, blender), Marleen (Arduino), Theunis Piersma (RuG) en Studs FDF (verhaal/achtergrondinfo).