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‘Op aventoer by de boer’ (go on adventure at a farm) is an educational project that focuses on children age 11 and 12. The project teaches them how extraordinary the landscape in which they live, actually is. After watching a film about the formation of the land, an expert visits their class to tell them about meadow birds. Next the children visit a farm in their neighbourhood. Both farmer and expert explain to them what’s there to discover. After that the children do some research on their own, in small groups. So far ‘Op aventoer by de boer’ has not crossed the Frisian borders.

To teach children, by learning as they play, about farm live and the value of a natural meadow landscape. Every spring: April, May and June. http://www.kening.frl/ Pyke Kroes Pyke Kroes, participating farmers, Provincie Fryslân, Woudsend 1816, Friese Milieu Federatie, Landschapsbeheer Friesland, Fryske Gea, Natuurmuseum Fryslân, IVN Fryslân, Natuurmonumenten, Staatsbosbeheer, Mar en Klif and Bond voor Friese Vogelwachten.