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When is Godwit Amalia going to land?

Nieuws  • 15 februari 2016   

Predict the date and win a trip

She herself is not aware of what is going on, but we know godwit Amalia is closely watched during her journey from Africa to Frisia. Scientists and fans yearn for her arrival. She will probably land on a meadow near Britswert (Frisia / Fryslan). This year everyone who would like to go on a trip is excited about Amalia’s trip.

Why? The person who predicts her date and time of arrival most accurately, wins a trip. Departure from the Netherlands. Destination? The location of Amalia at the moment the winner enters his prediction. Today that is Badajoz in Spain. The next few weeks Amalia will fly over France to The Netherlands. This means that an early prediction at www.waarisamalia.nu will be rewarded with a long journey.

The campaign starts on Monday 15 February 2016. The main focus is to organize a platform of welcome for Amalia and all of her fellow species, and especially for the story they can tell. The Godwit, recently rewarded ‘The National Bird of The Netherlands’, sees the fast changes in the Dutch and European landscape. Changes that reduce safe breeding grounds and by this the survival rate of godwit chickens.

The campaign is organized by Kening fan ‘e Greide, also known as King of the Meadows; a fast growing movement driven by concerned citizens, farmers, musicians, artists, teachers, managers, scientists, nature conservationists and dairy producers. Their aim is a future in which economically viable farming goes hand in hand with nature, biodiversity and happy people. www.kening.frl offers blogs, videos, information about activities and much more.

Participating in this campaign is free. A voluntary donation will be asked for, after entering a prediction. Donations will be used entirely to fund the King of the Meadows initiative. More information can be found at www.waarisamalia.nu.